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Who is The Passenger Photography? Qui est le Passager?

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  • 14 April 2018

What do you get when you mix your passion for Travel and Photography? Come with us to find out!

At The Passenger Photography we provide original and full immersion photo workshops in different parts of the world. Our aim is to help you build your own personal vision, in a new concept of travel photo atmosphere. It is a project about photography, cinema, and atmospheres. It’s about certain parts of the world, mine, or those I lived, learned, loved, wanted and suffered. The Passenger is a subtle blend of fact and fiction, intertwined. It is this world that I invite you to take part of, to still dream a little, together. The Passenger is also a doorway to a self portrait of every element that has made your life, that of yesterday and today, sprinkled with mystery, vitality, unanswered questions, to distant adventures, saudade, and love; above all, Love. The Passenger is an unfinished romance, as the life of a man who is still in search of what he seeks, disregarding the passing of time.

Le Passager est un blog d’atmosphère sur la photographie et le cinéma. Il parle de certains endroits du monde, les miens, ceux où j’ai vécu, aimé, désiré et souffert. Le Passager est un mélange subtil de réalité et de fiction. C’est ce monde que je vous invite à lire et à ressentir pour rêver un peu ensemble. Le Passager est un autoportrait des éléments qui ont fait ma vie, celle d’hier et d’aujourd’hui, saupoudrée de mystère, d’énergie, de questions sans réponses, d’aventures lointaines, de saudade et d’amour, surtout d’amour. Le Passager est une romance inachevée, comme la vie d’un homme qui poursuit toujours une recherche, sans tenir compte du temps qui passe.


HAVANA CUBA PHOTO WORKSHOP | NEW PHOTO LOCATIONS In Havana, it’s a full immersion of photography, just in one city, only Havana for 8 days and 8 nights, 1 to 9 December 2018. One location for a full photography adventure to see, experience and capture the real Cuban life rather than that of a tourist! Special Night Street Photo after sunset and road movie all days and nights! Accomodation on BB or hôtel Paseo Habana in Vedado district.

For 2019, New places with New Destinations like Maputo in Mozambico (20-26 April) and Sao Tomé e Principe, always in Africa (24-30 August).

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