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Photo Workshop October 2022 in Germany “La valise des souvenirs”

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  • 1 October 2022

Photo Workshop 2022 with Nicolas Pascarel 28th- 30th October 2022
“La valise des souvenirs” (The suitcase of souvenirs)

Three-day workshop, consisting of classroom lectures, photographic debates and discussions, portfolio reviews, photographic exercises, and special documentary screenings.

Location: John-F.-Kennedy-Haus Fotoclub. Darmstadt Germany  (30 minutes to Frankfurt by train, bus or car)
Contact : Heba Mansour: +49 1756156077.
Price: 250€ per person

“In an era where everything is becoming faster, where transport takes us in a few hours and just a few clicks to the other side of the planet, both to travel and to respond to the urgency of a new life, a new work…every human being carries with him his past, his memories, and his origins what I call the “background” of life or the backup of one’s own memory. Each participant will present a series of photographs that have accompanied their lives. The photos must somehow trace a life course from early childhood to today. They can also go back further in time. This translates into memories of family, holidays, happiness or misfortune, changes in the place of life due to expatriation for work or to a sentimental encounter, the desire for a change or a desired immigration or well forced by the hope of a better life. The theme of this workshop is precisely the interpretation of our own memory, imagined or real. The photos can be accompanied by music and parts of films, videos. The suitcase of souvenirs is a free theme constructed as a part of ourselves, a kind of mirror of the memory that we carry with us, despite the changes of life”

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