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  • 1 May 2021

Photo Worshop 2021 | La Photo Autrement by Nicolas Pascarel | 25 to 27 June 2021 in Germany “Contact Sheets”

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“Contact Sheets” by Nicolas Pascarel
The Art Market and Social Media. Realize your personal Photo Projects, Screenings of Unique Documentaries, Photo Exercise.
Description: Three-day workshop, consisting of classroom lectures, photographic debates and discussions, portfolio reviews, photographic exercises and special documentary screenings. Unleash your creative abilities and realise your personal vision within photography. Facilitate you in the organization and development of a personal project

Day 1- Photography today and its future – Art market and social networks.
Photography has been in vogue for about twenty years and the art market has taken over. Galleries and exhibitions, festivals and fairs grow like mushrooms all over the world. At the same time, with the advent of digital and high-resolution technical smartphones, with social networks like Facebook and Instagram, photography is now liberated from the confines of the private domain of image professionals. Everyone now can be a photographer; some even call themselves artists. Many amateur photographers often ask the question: what do I do with my photos? What meaning do my images convey? We will try to answer that question and find some solutions.
You can present a photographic work, and include a Portfolio Lecture. We will also debate about relevant topics and I will answer your questions about a technical or other photography or artistic related topics.
Special documentary screening of the most incredible war reporter and cameraman of all time. Documentary shall last 56 minutes and is in English (may be French subtitle). At the end of the day, preparation for tomorrow’s exercise: “Become a photographer!”

Day 2 Photo Exercise: Take Photos as before.
A full day of reportage/street photo with only 36 photos in the camera, from 1 to 36 exposures, like a simple film from before without any possibility of deleting images or making corrections or post processing with Photoshop. During the exercise your camera screen will also be unusable, and you won’t be able to see your images live. You’ll discover our photos at the same time as everyone during the second day. Of course, you can plan your reportage or story, but the images will have to be taken the same day.
Evening party in Art Deco house in Darmstadt with slide show projection in tribute to two photographers we lost this year.

Day 3: Contact Sheets
We will look at and analyse the images of each participant, one by one to make a selection as well as a contact sheet. A life as a photographer. Do not be afraid or shy!
Screening of special movie, followed by discussions. 90 minutes. French and English also with subtitles. A real masterpiece and comic film directed by the father of visual- poetic anthropology. Open discussion about the film and this new look that will definitely change the worldview

Location: Fotoclub Darmstadt Literaturhaus Darmstadt (Kennedyhaus), 4. Etage Kasinostr. 3 64293 Darmstadt. Telephone Heba Mansour: +49 1756156077.
Time: 25-26-27 June 2021.
Price: 250€ Per person for this special 3 day workshop.

Register: Email Heba Mansour or Nicolas Pascarel.
Payment is in advance of the workshop, by transferring the workshop fee to following account:
Account Name: Nicolas Pascarel
IBAN: FR7630056006870687724542451

Some backstage about my last photo workshop in Germany 2020 and 2021:

PDF: Workshop Germany June

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