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Photo Lecture Online | La Photo Autrement by Nicolas Pascarel

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  • 11 November 2020

Online Photo Session | La Photo Autrement en ligne with Nicolas Pascarel
Sunday 29 November and 6 December 2020 with zoom

“Women war photographers”
Date Sunday 29 November at 10 am via zoom. 120 minutes
English, french and italian language
Cost : 30 euro
“A glimpse of women photographers in the war. In the world of photography, women are largely in the minority. War photographers too. So women war photographers are even more in the minority. I will introduce you during this photographic assignment some of them.”

 Lee Miller in the bathroom of Hitler in Munich, 1945


Online Photo Session | La Photo Autrement with Nicolas Pascarel

“When photography goes beyond history”
Date Sunday 6 December 10 am via zoom. 160 minutes
English, french and italian language
Cost : 40 euro
“Some photos alone tell us more about a historical event than a book, a newcast, a film or a full TV report” That’s what I’m going to try to show and explain during this image reading.”

 Augusto Pinochet 19 September 1973 at Santiago del Cile by Chas Gerretsen 



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